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Outside the classroom

Learning outside the classroom

At Kings, we ensure that both inside and outside the classroom you will be totally immersed in an exciting, interactive learning environment which will keep you busy and teach you new skills. This is because we know that successful students are the ones who make the most of their time in and out of the classroom.

Universities are looking for well-rounded applicants with broad interests, and participating in the following clubs, activities and schemes will help you become one of these sought-after candidates.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award logoThe Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an extracurricular initiative undertaken by thousands of British students every year. It provides a unique opportunity to take part in an exciting project or activity. There are lots of different elements to the award, graded gold, silver or bronze. These include improving in a sport or physical activity, going on an expedition, joining a residential camp, or volunteering in the community.

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Kings Enterprise

The Kings Enterprise scheme is a great opportunity to find out from visiting business experts what it is like to run your own business. You can form your own company selling real products and services, issue shares and appoint people to key functions.

Kings Debating Society

Debating is a centuries old intellectual discipline and an excellent means of developing skills in critical thinking and argument, as well as in the English language. The ability to speak and debate in public, in English, is a skill for life.

At Kings, all students have the opportunity to have training and participate in debating and public speaking activities, including internal and external competitions.

Trinity Arts Award

Arts Award logoAs part of our Academic Enrichment Programme you can work towards a certificate in a creative subject — painting, dance or drama. This is a great way to explore your creative side and to develop a richer personal profile for university.

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Lecture programme

There is a regular programme of lectures after lessons which students are encouraged to attend. These might cover a variety of topics of general academic, linguistic or cultural interest. Details of the lecture calendar are published in college or on the My Calendar section of ClassMate.


You’ll have the opportunity to take part in a range of sports while at Kings. Whether you would like to play just for fun, or would like to join a college team and compete against other colleges, there's something for everyone.

College clubs and societies

At Kings, there are several clubs and societies for you to join during your free time. These are a great way of meeting new friends and of sharing common interests. You might want to join a film or book club, or perhaps a club focussing on computing, arts or sports. And if there isn’t yet a club devoted your own interest, why not get together with your fellow students and form one!

Regular excursions

At every Kings location we make sure that there are regular excursions to places of interest throughout the UK, including museums, exhibitions, and famous landmarks. This way, you can discover more about the culture and history of the UK.