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UK university preparation
With Kings

Established for nearly 60 years, Kings Colleges delivers some of the best pre-university academic courses in the UK.

1 What we achieve

Exceptional university destinations

At Kings, our mission is simple. We are committed to ensuring every international student leaves us to achieve success at the best possible university.

Our objective is to turn an “A student” into an “A* student”, a “B student into an “A student”, or a “C student” into a “B student”.

Find out which universities our current alumni are studying at.


Kings’ students have the widest choice of quality universities. They have gained places at every one of the top 30 UK universities.

Students progressed from A-level course at Kings Places offered to Kings A-level students
Students progressed from Advanced Level Foundation Places offered to Kings Advanced Level Foundation students

Numbers indicate 2014 Times University ranking

Hear from our alumni

2 How we achieve it

Very small classes

Kings classes are some of the smallest of any international college. It's one of the main reasons why our students learn more and learn faster.

A-level class size 4-8

Class size range for A-level: 4 - 8

Foundation class size 8-10

Class size range for Advanced Level Foundation: 8 - 10

Expert academic teaching

Kings academic teachers are all are subject specialists and many hold a second degree or equivalent qualification, including PhD.


Teachers specialist in their academic subject

Outstanding academic results


Kings A-level students achieve grades which are far higher than the UK national average.

A-level: Kings Students A* and A grades combined: 61%; UK national average 26.6%

Advanced Level Foundation:

The Kings Advanced Level Foundation is based on the A-level syllabus and taught by A-level teachers. It is recognised by most leading UK universities.

Foundation: 100% of students who passed the course gained a place at a university of their choice

3 Here's the proof

What universities say about us

We have been working with Kings Colleges for a while and each year, some of their best students come to the University of Bath to study. University of Bath
The University of St Andrews has admitted students from Kings Colleges who have added to our international community of scholars University of St Andrews
We are consistently impressed by the academic calibre of Kings students who seem to be well prepared prior to commencing their studies at Queen Mary University of London. Queen Mary, University of London

Ofsted reporting

All of our UK colleges are registered as independent schools by the UK Government Department for Education. This means we are inspected by Ofsted - the most rigorous educational inspection regime in the country.

Read our Ofsted inspection reports

Student's voice

Fiznik Fshazi studied on the Advanced
Level Foundation at Kings London. 

Now studying Engineering at
University of Bath

I’d like to say a big thank you to every
single teacher at Kings. They took care of us
like parents take care of their children.
It was incredible work, they helped us with
every aspect, and even helped us to shape
our personality, which was really great for
a person who is changing from a teenager
to an adult. As for the academic input, it
was enormous and amazing.

Shuyu Lin took an A-level course at Kings Oxford.

Now studying Engineering, Economics and Management at Exeter College, University of Oxford.

Kings really gave me a supportive environment.
It has very small classes and all the tutors
encouraged us to ask questions. They helped us
not only to give us the answer, but to help
us find the solution for ourselves. This is
very good because now in my tutorials I always
have to ask questions and if I ask a question
I do not expect my tutor to answer all of them.

Maria Sakovich completed an Advanced Level Foundation course at Kings Oxford.

Now studying Management with International Business at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Kings helped me a lot to prepare for university.
They helped us with the UCAS forms, checked our
personal statements, and arranged university fairs
for us,which was really helpful in deciding which
university to go to. In all my presentations I’ve got
over 85%, I think because Kings helped prepare me
so much!

Kristina Urosova studied on the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings London.

Now studying Computer Science at King's College, London.

Kings is great in terms of supporting university applications, and your university advisor will look at your application with you. They understand what the universities want from you, and also what universities will be best for you. If I’d gone to uni without having done my Kings course, I wouldn’t have been so successful. Kings gives you not only the experience of studying, it’s much broader than that.

Mai Duc Anh Vo (Nick) took the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings London.

Now studying Management at City University, London. 

Life at university is really fun, it’s great. I’ve got to know a lot of new people and have had lots of new experiences. Thank you Kings Colleges for helping me get here! They pushed me a lot and helped me to get great results, and to have a great experience – I made a lot of friends. They also taught me things I needed to know for university.

Chun Yu Chan (Jeremy) took A-levels at Kings Oxford.

Now studying Medicine at Queen’s University, Belfast.

In order to get into universities in the UK you have to apply through a system called UCAS and you have to include your academic results as well as your personal statement – a statement which has your information, whereby you have to convince the admissions team why they should take you. Thanks to Melrose, my CSS teacher, I think mine was perfect.