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Exam English
TOEFL iBT Preparation

This course will prepare you thoroughly for the TOEFL® iBT exam. Exam practice and technique are both included in the course.

Typical timetable for the TOEFL iBT course

Typical timetable for TOEFL iBT exam preparation

The course

This course is for you if you want to prepare thoroughly for the TOEFL exam. Exam practice and technique are vital parts of the course. TOEFL is recognised by more than 7,500 colleges, universities and international employers worldwide.

What is included in the price

You'll get all this included as part of the TOEFL iBT Preparation Course price:

  • 20 lessons and 15 guided study lessons per week
  • Welcome Information Pack
  • Placement test on arrival, weekly progress tests and regular homework
  • Kings Study File, teaching materials and coursebook
  • Guidance and information on testing dates. Exam Fees not included
  • Use of Computer Learning Centre
  • Access to ClassMate online learning
  • Wireless internet in College
  • Two free social activities per week
  • End of Course Certificate

Course structure

The course is taught by specialist and experienced teachers who will support you throughout. The syllabus has been specially designed to maximise your exam success and covers all areas of the exam.

Homework and guided independent study are integral to the course. You will be expected to complete at least five hours of self-study assignments each week. There are regular progress tests and mock exams before the exam date.

About the exam

The TOEFL iBT test is offered 30 – 40 times a year. Most test takers take the internet-based test.TOEFL is recognised by more than 7,500 colleges, universities and international employers.

Performing well on the iBT TOEFL will enable you to show that you have developed the English skills that you will use in a real academic context. For example, the test may involve you reading some text or listening to a lecture and speaking or writing about what you have read or heard in the same way you would in a class situation.

The test is composed entirely of academic questions and tasks. That is why many universities regard the TOEFL as the best way of evaluating your English when deciding whether to admit you to their school.

Find out more information about the test at the TOEFL website.