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English Plus Law

This course is ideal for students who would like to improve their English skills for use in a wide range of legal contexts.

Typical timetable for the English Plus Law

Typical timetable for the English Plus Law course in London

The course

English Plus Law at Kings combines General English with specialist law-related topics and the option to prepare for the Cambridge ILEC exam.

The Cambridge ILEC qualification

English is essential for anyone intent on a career in the law as it is the common language of the legal profession and international affairs.

The Cambridge ILEC , International Legal English Certificate, is a high-level language qualification for lawyers which assesses English language ability at Levels B2 and C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

It is suitable for law students intending to follow courses which include a significant English language content — either in their own country or abroad.

For more information about the ILEC exam, see the Cambridge website. 

Course structure and content

The course consists of 28 lessons (21 hours) per week. Of these 28 lessons, 20 are of General English (equivalent to 15 hours), 8 are Law-related lessons (equivalent to 6 hours).

You will also need to dedicate around 6 hours per week to independent work on course projects.

Students also visit law firms and legal institutions as part of this course. 

Skills you'll develop

1. Language: reading, writing, listening, speaking, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

2. Legal English terminology including criminal vocabulary, types of court, employment law, intellectual property, company law, property law.

3. Presentation skills, formal letter writing

4. Legal Case Studies

5. Optional preparation for Cambridge ILEC exam