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English language courses

ClassMate is an online learning system which will help you develop your English proficiency. It is available to all students on all courses except Vacation in the UK.

Your 24/7 learning companion

Online learning can never take the place of the direct relationship you have with your teachers. The intensive and personalised interaction, guidance and support you will receive at Kings will always be at the heart of your learning experience here.

But there is also room within a modern approach to language learning for your class-based teaching to be supplemented by an online learning environment. That's why we have developed ClassMate.

ClassMate extends your learning and the contact you have with your teacher outside of class. It is an integrated, skills-based learning system which will help you develop your English proficiency. It incorporates resources and topics across live teacher-led classes, online guided learning sessions and homework. It is also where you will be able to view your progress reports.

1 - Before your course

We offer students the option to use ClassMate up to 12 weeks before they start their course with us.

Students can follow our specially created pre-arrival course. They can practise their English before they arrive at Kings using lots of exciting interactive learning content.

There are lessons from Elementary to Advanced, including practice for IELTS or Cambridge exams. There is a news-based lesson each week plus a variety of learning resources include reading exercises, listening exercises, video and links to other websites.

Students can also post their own profile and view the profiles of other students they will be studying with. So they can interact with them in advance of coming to the UK and can feel like part of the Kings community before they even arrive here.


2 - During the course

We are so confident of the quality of our courses and teaching that we make this simple promise to you:

If you are studying an Intensive Course for 12 weeks or more we guarantee you will reach the level we have agreed with you. If you don’t, you can study for free until you do.

You must have attended all classes and completed all assignments.

3 - After the course

You'll have three months' free access to ClassMate after you leave to help you maintain your English level and teacher contact if required. 

  • Specially created post-departure study plan
  • Unlimited access to the archive of weekly news lessons
  • Online access to your teacher with prior agreement