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Top 10 things to do in Boston

Top 10 things to do in Boston

28 Apr, 2014  | Tags: Kings Boston

The Kings Boston team share their recommendations for the best things to see and do in their fantastic city...

1. Be traditional, do the Freedom Trail!
If there is one thing you MUST do in Boston, this is it! This 2.5 mile walk will take you through some of the most historical and iconic parts of the city including: The North End, Faneuil Hall, the State House and Boston Commons. Besides, everyone (Bostonians and friends from home) will ask if you’ve been.

2. Catch a sports game!
If you come to Boston you HAVE to attend one sporting events. Boston is very passionate about it sports and with Red Sox baseball, Bruins hockey, Celtics basketball and the New England Patriots, you have plenty events to choose from. If you can’t go to a game, at least visit and tour Fenway Park and the TD Garden to soak in the city’s enthusiasm.

3. Harvard and MIT
While not part of Boston (They are in the neighboring town Cambridge), definitely tour Harvard and MIT and check out their respective squares, Harvard Square and Kendall Square. Full of cute stores and restaurants and plenty of students.

4. Museums
Boston has some great museums including the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), the MIT museum, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Aquarium (I know, not a museum) and the Science Museum. Best thing about them, on certain days they are free to attend or offer a discount with a student ID!

5. Duck Tour
As much as native Bostonians hate duck tours for their obnoxious size and quacking sounds, it is a great way to get orientated. This tour will take you all around Boston and down the Charles River. You’ll learn a lot about the history and if you go with friends, it can be a lot of fun.

6. Boston Parks
Boston is so green! There are parks everywhere! Make sure to check out the Boston Commons, the Public Gardens, the Esplanade by the Charles River, Copley Square, and the Fens (the public gardens by Fenway park).

7. Beacon Hill
One of the oldest and most expensive neighborhoods in Boston, this quaint area has a lot of history and some pretty delicious restaurants. Definitely a place to walk through while you’re here.

8. Clam Chowd-ah!
Make sure to have some when you are here. If you walk the Freedom Trail, you can buy some at Quincy Market. If not, scope out a few restaurants. In July there is even a Chowd-ah Festival where the cities top restaurants compete on who has the best.

9. Newbury Street
Eight blocks filled with high-end salons, boutiques, stores and great restaurants. If you like to shop, this is the place to go.

10. Harbor Walk
Do a tour of the harbor. It can be very beautiful and relaxing to walk along the ocean. If you don’t the full tour your can end up over by Castle Island and Pleasure Bay and enjoy the beach. For a beautiful view of the Boston skyline, catch a harbor cruise or sailboat!

A few things that didn’t make to the list, but the staff highly recommends:

  • Buy a City Pass! A city pass gives you tickets to 5 must see tourist attractions in Boston at a fraction of the price. If you want to visit a lot of places, like the Aquarium and the Top of the Hub at the Prudential, this is the most cost effective way to do so. 
  • Take advantage of the public transportation. With excellent subways and commuter rails, go to Salem Massachusetts, or Newport Rhode Island, or Cape Cod. All beautiful locations within an hour or less of the city. 
  • Visit some of the “firsts”. Boston has a lot of firsts, the first public library, the first subway station, the first public school house. Make sure to go see them. 
  • Take advantage of the Night Life! While Boston isn’t a late night city, there is still plenty going on. From theater, to concerts, to nightclubs and comedy shows, you can find plenty of evening shows to attend. And, if you come in the summer, a lot of them are free! 
  • If you are 21 years old or older, go to the Sam Adams Brewery and the Harpoon Brewery. Only a few dollars to get in, and plenty of beers to try.

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