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The joys of international 'parenthood'

The joys of international 'parenthood'

09 Apr, 2014  | Tags: Kings Los Angeles

Earnest and Shelley Sims explain what it is that they enjoy most about welcoming students to their home.

Being a host family has meant more to us than we ever initially imagined. Being able to host young people (and some not so young; 54 was our oldest) from around the world has broadened our horizons.

The opportunity to learn other cultures and have other cultures learn about us has been enjoyable, interesting and straight out fun. Our students have even helped us gain a greater appreciation for what our city has to offer. We've learned from each other and forged relationships that will last for life. It has been truly a blessing to be a Homestay mom and dad. We highly recommend it.

Our most sincere thanks to Eric and Denise Turner for introducing us to International 'parenthood.' We now have family around the world.

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