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Raising money for Sport Relief in Bournemouth

Raising money for Sport Relief in Bournemouth

25 Mar, 2014  | Tags: Kings Bournemouth

Sport Relief is a UK charity event that occurs every other year to raise money for vulnerable people around the world and in the UK.

It’s a sports-themed charity event, with celebrities from across the UK taking on sporting challenges and events in order to raise money for the cause.

Here at Kings Bournemouth, the school hosted a day of fundraising in aid of Sport Relief too! With sporting fancy dress, football and basketball matches, and a stylish charity nail station hosted by students where their fellow classmates (and staff!) could receive nail makeovers for a donation to the charity.

The day went well, with both staff and students dressing for the occasion in their favourite sports clothes and eager to have their nails re-vamped over lunch and break times.

In the afternoon the sports were the order of the day, with many students turning up for two hours worth of football at the local sports centre.

Kings Bournemouth’s fundraising day was a great success which helped to raise money for a very important cause.


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