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Life after Kings

Life after Kings

15 Apr, 2014  | Tags: Kings London

We spoke to former Kings London student Feng Xiao (Frank) to find out about life at university, and how his studies at Kings have helped him so far.

1. How are you enjoying life at university so far?
I can adapt to university much easier than other international students who are studying in the first year. Because I have studied in Kings for language and the Foundation course. So I have got more experience and more confidence than other international students. For example, at the beginning, I joined lots of societies and different activities to expand my relationship of friends.

2. What does your course involve in terms of hours per week, and study modules? What aspect of the course are you enjoying most?
Actually, university study is not as stressful as the foundation course! On average, we have 2 lessons per day, but the study is much harder than the foundation course, because we need to study a lot by ourselves. For example, my subject is Finance and Mathematics. I prefer to study Maths in my subject, because I am interested in that and I've got good basic knowledge from Kings.

3. Where are you studying, and are you enjoying living in your new city?
I am studying in the University of Essex, in Colchester. My university supplies very good and cheap accommodation, so I am very happy to live in my university.

4. Are there particular things which you did on your course at Kings that have proved useful for your current studies?
I studied Economics, Maths and ICT, which have all been very useful for me, because my subject is Finance and Mathematics and some modules are related to Economics, Maths and ICT subjects that I studied in Kings.

5. Do you know yet what your plans for the future are? Would you like to stay in Europe?
I am going to finish my undergraduate course and do a Masters in the UK. During studies time, I keep going to work. I will go back to China to work when I finish my studies.

6. What advice would you give to students considering taking the Foundation at Kings?
The foundation course at Kings is more useful than you think, you might think that there are lots of assignments and homework to do, but you will think it is very useful when you need to to write assignment in the university, because nobody will teach you how to write assignments.

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