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Kings Oxford students show off their photography skills

Kings Oxford students show off their photography skills

10 Apr, 2014  | Tags: Kings Oxford

Kings Oxford's Harry Hall tells us about a recent photography competition at the college, and how they chose the winning entry.

Several times each year we hold a photography competition at Kings Oxford. It’s a fun way to encourage our students to really look at and explore the wonderful sights they have around them. It allows the students to show off their creative skills, and now with the benefit of smart phones students can take a photo of anything that catches their eye and upload it to our Facebook page for all to see!

As Oxford has such magnificent old buildings with beautiful front doors our theme this time was ‘Oxford Doors & Archways’. Oxford is clearly a magical city since it has been the inspiration for world famous works such as ‘Alice in wonderland’, ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘The Hobbit’. There is something quite mysterious and enticing about an old-looking door, tempting you to push it open and see what adventure might be on the other side. To quote Bilbo Baggins “It’s a dangerous business, going out of your front door; you step into the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no telling where you might be swept off to.”

We had some great entries; grand circular doors concealing the entrance to the impressive university parks, to small hidden ones leading down to 13th century wells under the city. Our winning image (featured above) was taken by Yushen Huang. His photograph was of two very ordinary doors, but was so simple and beautifully composed that it really stood out and let the history and character speak for itself.

See all the entries on the Kings Oxford Facebook page

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