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At the finish line at Boston Marathon 2014

At the finish line at Boston Marathon 2014

22 Apr, 2014  | Tags: Kings Boston

Hi, this is Jan!  I am from Germany and came here just two days after my graduation from high school. I will stay here for twelve weeks and I want to share some experiences with you!

Today we went to the Marathon with our class. Since I am myself a runner, I was really excited to go there and watch this famous event. We met at 9 o'clock and walked to the T station. The whole train was full of people going to the marathon. We got off the train at Kenmore and walked to the finish line. Although we were early, the streets were already crowded a lot, and because of the sad thing that happened last year, there was a high police presence. I have not seen so many police officers before.

Finally, we arrived near the finish line and searched for a place with a good view. It did not take long till the first wheelchair participants arrived where we had been standing and everybody clapped their hands. Two friends and I decided to get even closer to the finish line to take photos of the first runners. It was a good idea, because there also was a huge screen, where we could see even better. The first man was an American, so everybody totally freaked out when he arrived. It was the first American winner of the Boston Marathon since the 1980s. The atmosphere was really amazing!

After the Marathon we went to Tasty Burger to recharge our batteries.

Finally, we arrived safe and sound on the Campus. All in all it was a great day and a lasting memory.

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